For the opening of the seventh cohort, registrations must be carried out until June 10, 2016, in order to start cohort in July.

- The registration fee ($ 225,550), it should be at Banco Popular savings account 220.280-31626-6.

With the generated PIN, you should carry out the online registration at the following link:

NOTE: This form must be sent with all documents requested to the address at the bottom of my signature. (here is attached the registration enrolment format)

Tuition is 12.5 (current legal minimum monthly salary) corresponding to $ 8.618.175.oo, this value has a discount of 10% by voting (October 25, 2015 elections) and a 10% for being a graduate of University of Caldas.
The program duration is 4 years corresponding to 8 semesters. Presentiality is mandatory the first two years, the following two years are research work and presentation of advances of the thesis.

Time intensity is 3 days once a month from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 m and from 2:00 pm
to 6:00 pm.

It is mandatory to have a Certification of second language (English),which will be endorsed by the Department of Languages at the University of Caldas, sending it prior to the secretariat of the doctoral program in Design and Creation who will review it and approve it. The certificate must issued by a recognized institution.

CvLAC information (Mandatory) replaces resume formats.

Regarding the possibility of grants, you need to start the process of gathering the information required by the program like registration and admission requirements, and to start the process of drafting the research protocol in accordance with the points set in Protocol Design guide. Here we attached the Call for COLCIENCIAS grant.

PhD validates the last two semesters of the Master in Design and Interactive Creation (University of Caldas) as first year of the Doctorate.

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